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Professional and Expert Roofing Contractor

With more than thirty years of construction experience, we know that managing home renovations can become a full-time job for homeowners who are not experienced in managing such projects.

Let the professionals handle all the details for you. Our main objective is to make the most efficient use of your time and to provide you with an exceptional roofing experience. In order to facilitate production, we have a large roof crew and members strictly dedicated to clean-up, and we have team members dedicated to facilitating production. The day after your property was damaged, you will be able to get it back to normal – in fact, your property will be better than ever before.

There are strict guidelines that are followed by the members of our roofing team to ensure that your roof is installed properly and that the warranty you purchased is valid.

It is our priority to respond quickly to any roofing situation as soon as we receive it, assess it correctly and always remedy the issue in a timely manner to keep your roof watertight for many years to come. Furthermore, thousands of homeowners have trusted A&G United Roofing to undertake their roofing projects.


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Our Most Efficient Year

After 30 years in business serving homeowners of Central Florida, we are now excited to expand to North Florida this 2023.
We are ready to help you get your roof covered and replaced in a timely fashion, with the most efficient project managers that will guide you through the entire process until your new roof is installed with the highest quality.


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We work with – not against – insurance companies during the claims process to make managing the project not only seamless for you, but also the insurance company.


Save time and money with a streamlined process that allows you to get back to your normal pace as soon as possible.


We’re committed to bringing transparency, trust, and efficiency to the roofing industry and protecting consumers throughout the entire roofing process.